Supporting those who need it most



Please spread joy this Christmas by donating a toy or item of food to our Christmas Appeal

Mrs Norris showing off her telegram from the Queen to Kirk House staff (L-R) Maria, Adeline, Roberta and Andrea

What do we notice in our daily life? How do we use information? What do we do with what we know?

Join us on Saturday 3rd October for this workshop led by Jenny and Peter Batten using Interplay forms of movement, story, voice and stillness to explore creative potential.

BCM is looking for keen volunteers with a knowledge of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) to dedicate 2 hours of their time on Thursday nights to help run a youth group for 11-14 year old with ASD, where we provide a supportive environment for young adolescents with ASD to develop their self-esteem, interpersonal skills & social opportunities through group work, role plays, games, activities and outings.

Thank you all for joining us and making that day special. The updated total raised is £390.70! All the money will go towards Kirk House Garden Fund.

A special thank you to Sammy Gordon and Susan for working so hard to hold this exhibition. Many thanks to all the staff at Kirk House for helpipng out on the day. 
The photos below represent the uniqueness of the memorabilia, posters and photos displayed.