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Therapeutic Counselling

Therapeutic Counselling

This service, based at Newtownards, was set up in November 2003, and is provided to young people 16-25 yrs in North Down who have had experience of living in care. There is a private counselling room in the office in West Street where the counsellor can meet with each young person.  This can be on a weekly basis for an hour and for as long as the young person needs or wants the service. Private rooms can also be arranged in Belfast if it is more convenient for the young person. Therapy is available on a one to one basis, with couples and with families. Consultation with other professionals working directly with the young people is also available. Self-referrals are not accepted.

The young people with whom the service has worked to date come with complex needs and concerns. These include:

  • self injurious behaviour or depression
  • emotional and psychological trauma
  • homelessness
  • attachment problems or relationship difficulties
  • the struggles of young parenthood and parenting capacity
  • addictive behaviours
  • lack of self-worth and self-belief
  • health issues, including eating disorders

Tel: +44 (0)28 9182 7783

For further information please contact:

Lois Payam, Head of Residential Services
Mobile: 07810 183203

“Through counselling I’ve become a courageous person.”
“BCM has helped me get on with my life.”
“Counselling has given me the strength to do things I never thought I could do.”

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