Supporting those who need it most



To mark the end of the school term and celebrate the start of summer, we are encouraging our staff, supporters, service users, volunteer network, donors and members of the public to come together – figuratively speaking – on Saturday, 27th June, for our Big Backyard Camp-Out.

We want everyone to see in the summer with a distraction from lockdown and to embrace the adventure of being outdoors, even it is only feet from your own back door!

While BCM headquarters at Grosvenor House, Puddleducks Day Nursery and BCM Room Hire are currently closed to staff and the general public, the majority of our staff continue to deliver essential frontline services to vulnerable people in the midst of this pandemic.  These people were already facing many struggles which have been exacerbated by the current situation. 

For example:

These are uncertain times for everyone.

Here at Belfast Central Mission (BCM) we are acutely aware of the concerns that face all our staff, volunteers and service users, and of course the wider community, in light of the Corona Virus and Covid-19 outbreak.

As a service provider for younger and older people throughout your communities, we are doing all that we can to protect them and the vital services that we provide to vulnerable people across Northern Ireland.

Since BCM was founded in 1889 the Christmas programme has continued to be a significant event each year. In spite of the passing of time the programme is still very much needed with people depending on food and toy donations to ease the financial pressures that exist at this time of the year.

BCM’s Christmas Support Programme also gives hope and emotional support to those who struggle as they know there is somebody who cares.