Supporting those who need it most



BCM's annual Toy Service will this year be broadcast across the internet for all to enjoy.

While we would usually have a band to accompany us in joyful praise, this year, as with everything else, we are doing things a bit differently!

Our toy appeal is now over.  Thank you for your support


Since 1890, Belfast Central Mission has provided for the vulnerable and needy year-round. Christmas can be the most difficult time of year for many families, and 2020 is likely to be difficult for even more.

This year, BCM will deliver a Toy Appeal (and toys only) to provide a sense of joy and fun for families across Northern Ireland.

We are thrilled to announce that Lynne Kavanagh has been appointed as BCM's new Deputy Chief Executive to support the development and implementation of the organisation’s growth and to oversee the delivery of care across its projects.

Following a period of expansion, a new service from BCM providing housing support for older people has been introduced to the greater Newry area, with two support workers now active across the local community, and recruiting for a third.

To mark the end of the school term and celebrate the start of summer, we are encouraging our staff, supporters, service users, volunteer network, donors and members of the public to come together – figuratively speaking – on Saturday, 27th June, for our Big Backyard Camp-Out.

We want everyone to see in the summer with a distraction from lockdown and to embrace the adventure of being outdoors, even it is only feet from your own back door!