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A Place to Call HOME

A Place to Call HOME

BCM housing support service believe that a house is more than a physical structure, we believe that it brings security, wellbeing and a sense of pride and community to our young people. 

In 2013, we were awarded funding of €8,570.00 from the ESB Electric Aid for our HOME Programme.

HOME aimed to increase service user skills, social networks and improve living conditions by providing a home makeover where the service users could work together to learn new skills and provide peer support. It was hoped that service users would complete the project with a lovely home they could have pride in, leading to a more sustainable tenancy, a settled way of life and a sense of contentment.

We acquired a DIY ‘handyman’ who was also a trained youth worker to assist her in delivering the HOME project and applications were sought from those using the service. All applicants had to sign an agreement and complete an application form stating what support they needed and skills they wished to learn.

Many think that once accommodation is found our work is done, that we have served our purpose and that these young people can ‘get on’ with their lives and become active participants in their community.

Having a home which is safe and affordable is generally considered to be a basic need. It should be warm and dry and free from infestation according to the World Health Organisation. Stable surroundings help to maintain health and well-being.

According to the NIHE Health and Housing Strategy 2001 over 70% of health impacts occur as consequences of factors outside the formal health service. There is a close relationship between poor housing and poor health.

The reality is that for many service users this accommodation remains an empty shell. This programme has been a huge success for all those involved.