Supporting those who need it most

Annual Christmas Eve Street Collection

Annual Christmas Eve Street Collection

This year is our 125th Anniversary; therefore we want our Christmas Eve Street Collection to be even more successful than previous years.  

Our team of volunteers and staff contribute their time in order to raise funds for 'those who need it most'.  It is a great event to be a part of and involves working alongside a friendly, generous and caring team.  It is always heart-warming to see the successfulness of our traditional street collections and the generosity that is displayed.  This then makes a huge difference in the lives of families who are in need.  

Even one hour of collecting can make a difference.  As usual, collection boxes, badges etc. can be collected from Grosvenor House from 8.30 am and should be returned no later than 5pm.  Refreshments will once again be provided by the very helpful Room Hire team.  For more information call

Lorna or Julie on 9024 1917 or email

Why not come along and be a part of it all.  If this is your first time joining us please bring some form of identification.

Thank you !