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BCM Archive

BCM Archive

Our archive comprises of a substantial collection of some 25,000 items, including both documentary and photographic materials. It dates from the late 1880's and is particularly strong for the period up to c1930. It has been recognised by the public records office for Northern Ireland as an important source for those interested in both the religious and social life of Belfast during the past 125 years.

Of particular significance is the collection of photographs taken by A.R Hogg, one of the two great photographers of Belfast in the early years of this century. He was commissioned by BCM to record its activities (largely for use in promotional and fundraising material.)

The collection is increasingly being accessed for research purposes and photographs from it have appeared in a number of recent books and television documentaries. Ultimately it is hoped that it will be possible to access it via the internet.

The history of BCM during its first 100 years (1889-1989) has already been published. "At Points of Need", was written by Dr R.D.E Gallagher, a former Superintendent of the Mission and was published by Blackstaff Press (1989).

Our thanks go to our archivist, Wesley Weir, who has written "Through Changing Scenes. Belfast Central Mission - The Story of the first 125 years - 1889-2014".    If you would like a free copy please email BCM.

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