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Four Activities That Can Help Fight Dementia- written by Jane Sandwood

Four Activities That Can Help Fight Dementia- written by Jane Sandwood

Dementia is one of the leading conditions in the elderly, affecting one in six people in the UK who are over the age of 80. Thankfully research has found that people with dementia can slow down and even reverse some symptoms of dementia by doing a few simple activities. 

If you want to help decrease the risks of dementia, there are four easy things you can do every day – and you don’t have to worry about doing it alone.  BCM has trained over 333 people as Dementia Friends, and you can speak to us about getting help.

Here are four activities that can help fight the onset of dementia.

Daily exercise

If you are experiencing cognitive problems you can do daily exercises, such as a walk or a swim, to slow down any deterioration. This is because the exercise will help to maintain existing neural connections while helping to make brand new neural connections. In fact, exercise can reduce the risk of dementia by a whopping 50%. This is partially because exercise improves blood flow to the brain, which helps to slow down mental decline. 


Humans don’t tend to do well if they are isolated from other people. This is because we are social creatures, and our brains also benefit from being mentally stimulated by other people. If you want to fight dementia you could join a social club, such as a book club or a baking class, or you could sign up to BCM's Wednesday Lunch Club or Tea Dance.

Pick up a new skill

Is there any skill that you’ve always wanted to learn? If so, now is the time! One of the best ways to reduce the symptoms of dementia is to keep your mind sharp with cognitive stimulus, such as learning to play the guitar or learning to speak another language. This is because when your mind is stimulated, the stronger the neuron connections in your brain become, which can protect your brain from memory loss and dementia.

Stimulate your brain

We have already established that one of the best ways to fight against dementia is by stimulating your brain, and a simple way to do this is to try some brain exercises such as Sudoku, puzzles, riddles or even solving a Rubix cube. This will help to slow down memory loss while improving neuron connections. It is also very easy and inexpensive to fit into your daily routine.

We would like to thank Jane Sandwood who wrote this fantastic article for BCM. We greatly appreciate your support.

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