Christmas Review

Christmas Review

Christmas at BCM was a very busy time as we prepared to gather in, sort and distribute food and toys for those in need throughout the local community.

Donations were received from churches, schools, local businesses and individuals and we were delighted and humbled by the generosity shown by so many people.  The Giving Tree in Marks & Spencer, Belfast (run jointly with Society of St Vincent De Paul) was also a main source of donations.

Louise Annette, a new member of the Fundraising Team had this to say about the Christmas Appeal,

"As this was my first Christmas at BCM I did not know what to expect.  Never have I witnessed such generosity in an attempt to reach out to the local community.  I am certain that many families had a happier Christmas as a result of this kindness."

In total, we were able to give toys to over 1,400 children and food to over 500 older people and families.  Our sincere thanks to everyone who contributed and helped us make a difference to so many lives.