September 2011

Richard's Ramblings - September

Richard’s Ramblings…

I get a bit interested in the car magazines when a new model is about to be released - especially if it is a major upgrade of a car that I am interested in perhaps one day owning, or at least dreaming of owning.

Sometimes the magazine publishers go to great lengths to tell us all about the development of the car.  Often they include photos of the clay models of the car.  The clay models look great, but they really are of no value unless the car is actually made.

Still time to vote for Coca-Cola Grant Awards

 BCM (Belfast Central Mission) are pleased to announce that they have been shortlisted in the Coca-Cola 125 Years Celebratory ‘Thank You Fund’ that will donate  a total of E125,000 to non-profit community, voluntary and charitable organisations across Ireland.

BCM’s Housing Support for Young People project made the final 45 out of over 600 submissions from charities and now has a one in three chance of winning vital funding to continue its work.